· Mar 3, 2016

Compatibility Blog Post - Zen Reports Direct Printing and Windows 10

Zen Reports has offered multiple choices for direct printing including use of Adobe Reader or Foxit reader. Recent changes in Windows 10 and in the readers themselves have made it no longer possible to invoke these readers from background processes in Windows 10 and all future versions. Because of this Zen Reports will no longer support printing with these tools on Windows 10.

Windows 10 support was added for 2015.1 and 2015.2.  On Windows 10, the only option for direct printing with Zen Reports will be Qoppa JPDFPrint.

Installations running on older versions of Windows with older versions of Caché will continue to work but a migration plan should be considered immediately to move to Qoppa JPDFPrint.

Sites running on older versions of Windows will not be affected (even on upgrading Caché) unless and until they update the OS to Windows 10 or late

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