Bill McCormick · Mar 3, 2016 1m read

Compatibility Blog Post - Removal of cdirectmgr

The cdirectmgr utility will no longer be included with product distributions beginning with the Caché 2016.2 release . This was an older VB application (predating the Caché cube) which allowed users to define server connections for Visual M/Caché Direct applications. As VB 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft, we will no longer ship this component. The same functionality is already available from the cube utility.

It is also posted in Compatibility blog.

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Link gives me an empty page at the moment:


I just tried the link and it worked fine for me. I guess it took a while to get published for real. Sometime the cache is just in the way.

Please try again,



I had a PM from Bill after I posted yesterday, saying there was a problem with the blog site and that it was being attended to. Looks like they fixed it.