· Sep 16, 2020

Command shortcuts for getting Caché database details

Hi all,

I see command shortcuts for getting journal details, like Status^JOURNAL for displaying the journal status.

And, I'm using the shortcuts in my shell scripts.


I'm not seeing/finding command shortcuts for getting database details.

If anyone have those details, please share with me.



Bharath Nunepalli.

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I use Status^JOURNAL in a shell script like this, to check the journaling status and generate an alert.

ccontrol list | grep -i running > $DB_STATUS_DET4
if [[ -s $DB_STATUS_DET4 ]] then
 csession cache "Status^JOURNAL"    > $DB_JRN_DET
 cat $DB_JRN_DET | grep -i enabled  > $DB_JRN_DET1
 if [[ -s $DB_JRN_DET1 ]] then RC=0
  else RC=1
else exit
if (( $RC > 0 )) then
    echo "Artiva alert: JOURNALING is disabled at $(date +%x_%r)" >> $DB_JRN_MSG
    exit $RC
    exit $RC

I want run a shell script for updating database max size, but not seeing any command shortcuts like Status^JOURNAL for getting database details.