· Jul 24, 2018

Combo Chart scaling question...

Hi -

I'm trying to get my Combo Chart to dynamically scale the Y axis, but it's not doing what I would like. The 1st Y series, if the MAX value is set to null, scales the chart and the series fine, but then the subsequent Y axis are not to that same scale. Each "null" Max'ed series is setting it's own scale based only on it's own ranges and not in sync with anything else.

Is there a way to force all of the "null" scaled columns to be in the SAME scale as each other AND be dynamic.

If I set a "Maximum" value so they are all the drawing at the same scale, they stay in sync, but if I do this and then run-time/display-time apply a filter that goes from say "200" to "5", then the scale stays at the hard coded scale and the "5" is so flat that it's barely detectable. 

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