Nicki Vallentgoed · Mar 10, 2016

Code indentation and Go to declaration functionality

Some thins I have noticed, which I am not sure are bugs or features to come.

1.) Go to type declaration (F3 or ctrl+click on a class/variable/method)

It doesn not work on object variables and methods

Where it does work, it opens the related class but it is not editable.


2. )There is no code indentation correction/ctrl+L ?

Is this planned?

I would very much prefer to have formatting  even if it means loosing some COS "functionalty".




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Hi Nicki,

1) The related class is not editable because it's on the server. To edit it, you need to copy the file to your project first. Currently, you can navigate to the file in the Server Explorer, right-click the file name and select "Copy to project". We're working on adding this option to the editor's context menu, so it will be available shortly.

2) Code indentation is planned but not available yet.





Classes in the same package:

ctrl+ click on Requisition, and it opens greyed out:


If the file is in your project and it's not dirty, you should be directed to the project file. I've created an issue to fix this bug. Thanks Nicki!

- Joyce

Thank you Nikki - this is a bug. It should check the project first and only go to the server if it cannot find the class locally in the project.