· Dec 12, 2023

CLOSED: GenAI Crowdsourcing Mini-Contest: Let's Think Big!



Hi Community,

InterSystems Innovation Acceleration Team invites you to take part in the GenAI Crowdsourcing Mini-Contest.

GenAI is a powerful and complex technology. Today, we invite you to become an innovator and think big about the problems it might help solve in the future.

What do you believe is important to transform with GenAI?

Your concepts could be the next big thing, setting new benchmarks in technology!


Contest Structure

     1. Round 1 - Pain Point / Problem Submission:

With all your knowledge about GenAI and of InterSystems capabilities, what pain point / problems would you tackle, armed with the power of GenAI & InterSystems? Healthcare, education, agriculture - no field is off-limits.

The deadline for idea submission is December 19.

     2Round 2 - Community Investment Game:

You will get to "invest" by casting your votes in the pain point(s) you think are most promising or important. The idea that attracts the most "funding" in Round 2 emerges as the winner - find out more about Round 2 here.


🎁 Rewards

The mastermind of the winning concept earns 5,000 points, while all astute "investor(s)" backing the winning idea receive 200 bonus points each.

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