· Jan 29, 2018

Client side drop down menu question

Looking at the documentation expalining the use of client side menus, including the drop down menu.

I was messing around trying to get the "Open", once clicked, to use javascript to open windows file explorer to open/pick a file.

I've got it to partially work... Using keystrokes Ctrl-O will open the file explorer yet clicking on the drop down's File/Open does nothing.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.


NOTE:  I had commented out the two &html lines in the Testing Method... and doing a Ctrl-O still work.


 /// Created using the page template: Default
Class PublisherDB.NewClass1 Extends

/// Class name of application this page belongs to.

/// Displayed name of this page.
Parameter PAGENAME;

/// Domain used for localization.
Parameter DOMAIN;

/// This Style block contains page-specific CSS style definitions.
XData Style
<style type="text/css">

/// This XML block defines the contents of this page.
XData Contents [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<page xmlns="" title="">
<csMenuBar id="mainMenu" width="100%">
  <csMenuBarItem caption="File" contextKey="f" >
    <contextMenu id="fileMenu" >
      <csMenuItem icon="images/file.png" caption="New" key="Ctrl-N"
                  contextKey="n" onclick="alert('New requested');"  />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/open.png" caption="Open..."
                  key="Ctrl-O" contextKey="o"
                  onclick="zenPage.Testing()" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Close" key="Ctrl-W"
                  contextKey="c" onclick="alert('Open requested');"  />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem id="savePick" icon="/csp/broker/images/save.png"
                  caption="Save" key="Ctrl-S" contextKey="s"
                  onclick="alert('Save requested');"  />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/saveas.png" caption="Save as..."
                  contextKey="a" />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/saveall.png" caption="Save All"
                  contextKey="l" />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/print.png" caption="Print"
                  key="Ctrl-P" contextKey="p"
                  onclick="alert('Print requested');" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Print Preview..."  contextKey="v" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Print Setup..."  contextKey="r" />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem caption="Recent Files"  contextKey="e" />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem caption="Exit" contextKey="x" />
  <csMenuBarItem caption="Edit" contextKey="e">
    <contextMenu id="editMenu" >
      <csMenuItem id="undoPick" icon="/csp/broker/images/undo.png"
                  caption="Undo" key="Ctrl-Z" altCaption="Can't undo"
                  contextKey="u" onclick="alert('undo');" />
      <csMenuItem id="redoPick" icon="/csp/broker/images/redo.png"
                  caption="Redo" key="Ctrl-Y" altCaption="Can't redo"
                  contextKey="r" onclick="alert('redo');" />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem id="cutPick" icon="/csp/broker/images/cut.png"
                  caption="Cut" key="Ctrl-X" contextKey="t"
                  onclick="alert('cut');" />
      <csMenuItem id="copyPick" icon="/csp/broker/images/copy.png"
                  caption="Copy" key="Ctrl-C" contextKey="c"
                  onclick="alert('copy');"  />
      <csMenuItem id="pastePick" icon="/csp/broker/images/paste.png"
                  caption="Paste" key="Ctrl-V" contextKey="p"
                  onclick="alert('paste');"  />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem caption="Fill" contextKey="i" onclick="alert('fill');" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Clear" contextKey="a" onclick="alert('clear');" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Delete..." key="delete"
                  contextKey="d" onclick="alert('delete');"  />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem caption="Select all" key="Ctrl-A"
                  contextKey="l" onclick="alert('select all');" />
      <csMenuSeparator />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/find.png" caption="Find..."
                  key="Ctrl-F" contextKey="f" onclick="alert('find');" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Find in Files" key="Ctrl-Shift-F"
                  onclick="alert('find next');" />
      <csMenuItem caption="Replace..." key="Ctrl-H" contextKey="e"
                  onclick="alert('replace');" />
      <csMenuItem icon="/csp/broker/images/goto.png" caption="Go to..."
                  key="ctrl-g" contextKey="g" onclick="alert('goto');" />


ClientMethod Testing()

<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">>

<tr><td><input type="file"/></td>


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NOTE:  I had commented out the two &html lines in the Testing Method... and doing a Ctrl-O still work.

Most likely your browser displays a cached version.
Clean all caches on the way to browser and you will see the changes. It's a principle issue.

with <input type="file" /> you select a file name local to your browser. That's just pure HTML.

And what you have in hands is a file reference. Not the file itself.
So what you may do next is to SUBMIT it to server.
But scanning your menu you expect to open, modify, copy, ...  
That's nothing to be done from Browser but by a local application.




with: /you were missing the semicolons/


and add this two methods:

/// Demonstration of launching a file selector window.
ClientMethod showFileSelectionWindow() [ Language = javascript ]

/// This client event, if present, is fired when the a popup page
/// launched from this page fires an action.
ClientMethod onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
switch(popupName) {
case 'FileSelection':
if (action=='ok');{
alert('My File is:'value);
///Do something...