Flávio Lúcio Na... · May 20, 2021

##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonProvider).%ObjectToJSON() don't show %DynamicObject items

Hello everyone,

I created a Class with this 3 properties

Class TestDynamic Extends (%RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor)

Property number As %xsd.string;

Property exam As %xsd.string;

Property result As list Of %DynamicObject;


I'm adding objects to list normally

set objTest=##class(TestDynamic).%New()
set objDynamic={"field":"value"}
do objTest.result.Insert(objDynamic)

But when i use this method to convert to JSON


It doesn't show the items from %DynamicObject just show this:

"number": "",
"exam": "",
"result": [


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jsonProvider was invented before native JSON support was added. And there is no reasons to use it already. If you need a JSON representation for an object, look at %JSON.Adaptor

I am using Caché 2018.1.4.505.1 and don't have %JSON.Adaptor class, can I add this class in any way?

You would need to copy %JSON package from the latest IRIS version, but not sure if it will work.

I did this more than a year ago. It was quite some effort but it worked nicely.
But I was blocked by ISC and got under pressure not to publish it for copy-right reasons.
So be careful not to have this same conflict. Pls. don't ask for details!

I am using Caché 2018.1.4.505.1 and don't have %JSON.Adaptor class