Evgeny Shvarov · Oct 18, 2016

Classes removing and renaming best practice with Atelier


Suppose I have a project in Atelier with two classes: Class A and Class B and develop it in my local Caché installation. 

If I decide to delete Class A and delete it in Atelier project will it be deleted in Caché automatically or should I do it manually?

Or what is the suggested workflow in this case?

Same question is if I decide to rename Class B to Class C.

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Hi Evgeny,

When you delete a class file in the Atelier Explorer view, the resource will only be removed from your local file system. If you rename a file locally and sync it, the new file will be saved to your server (Refactoring is still under development). But if you want to delete a resource from the server, you need to manually delete it in the Server Explorer view. Let me know if you have any questions.



Hi, Joyce! Thank you for reply!

Did I understand  properly that when I rename  the class in Atelier the new file (Class C) will appear on the server after sync and the old one Class B will be still there too?

Another question here. Again we have Class A and Class B in Atelier project, in the repo and on the server. 

Suppose, Developer B in my team deleted class A, renamed class B to Class C and pushed it to the repo.

Then If I check files out from the repo Atelier project will consist of Class C only. And if I sync Atelier with the server I would have Class A, Class B and Class C there, right?

So I guess I should never trust development server and if I want server be equal to the repo I should purge all the classes from namespace periodially and upload them from Atelier. right?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Evgeny,

In the Atelier world, the server is a place for you to compile and debug. The source of truth lives on the client side, so we recommend using source control tools to help the team get on the same page. I hope that answers your question!