· Mar 31, 2023

Class, Table or Global that store data from Record History of patient

Hello everyone,

I am working in the HealthShare, and I need to check some modification during a period of time in the records of a patient. But I don't want to use HealthShare managment portal, I want to create some querys because are many records of patient. I tried to find the Globals or Tables that are used by Iris in the Record History function. ChatGPT helped me, saing that the table is HS.IHEX.RecordHistory and the global ^HS.IHEX.RecordHistory, but I didn't find any data in the global or table. Can someone help me? Anyone knows a way to do querys for the Record History and see the changes that occur in that specific patient during the time?

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Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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I've used ChatGPT for some IRIS related things.. Sometimes it's been useful and some times its simply made up stuff, it made up the names of classes in IRIS that have never existed and do not exist in the most recent version.  Other times it's provided me some information that wasnt boiler plate to copy and paste but led me down a path that allowed me to find the solution.

There is in fact a global on the Registry that has a record of the Patient data each time it is changed, the global is ^HS.Registry.Patient.OldHistory