· Mar 20, 2019

Change passwords w/o going to web portal

I've seen a few password change posts, but I wasn't 100% sure it was the same process, so I am asking here. We periodically have to change the passwords for a few Cache user accounts across several servers. Is there a process/script to change these passwords without having to go into the web portal on each server?  Thanks so much, and I apologize if this was covered in some of the other articles that I've run across. Just looking for the best method.

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Not discounting the simple, direct answer above, but just for more information... if you had many users on many systems that you need to update (I was in that situation once or twice... :-) ) you can also change passwords, etc. from SECURITY menu in the %SYS namespace...


Choose Option 1 for the User setup menu, which contains:

1) Create user
2) Edit user
3) List users
4) Detailed list users
5) Delete user
6) Export users
7) Import users
8) Exit

You can use Option #2 to edit the users,  then using Option #6 you can export all of the updated user settings to an .xml file, transfer that file to the other servers you need to update and then just use Option #7 to import those new settings 'en masse' into the new system.

This can work for updated Roles, Services, Resources, etc. as well.

Hope this helps!