Paul Cranston · Jun 16, 2020

CCR deployment Util class

Hi ,

Can anyone share some good sample custom CCR Utility classes that would be called by ImplementCCR routines / CCR event hooks to help bootstrap a HealthShare (2020.1) environment or specific change?


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It would be very helpful to know, what CCR means. knows  241 acronymes for CCR (not including such as Code Certification Rule, Code Certification Report, Customer Care Report and many more) .
If you filter for Science and Medicine (in the above site), you end up with 62 acronymes.

So what does your CCR mean?

Think about, not everybody works in the same field as you. Some people, like me, wrote countless applications for marketing, business management, trading, banking, scientific solutions and others, but never for healthcare.


Thanks for taking a look at the post Julius.  He tagged the post with "CCR" which means it is referring to the toolset used by InterSystems and partners for implementing HS and TrakCare systems:

Thanks for the (finger board) link.

Until now, I didn't realise, that the tags are clickable. Sorry.
But in general, it's a good idea, before using an acronym, to spell it out first, to avoid misunderstandings

Hi Paul,

I realize this is a late response but I have just stumbled across your question.  Any CCR ImplementCCR routines that have been created and used will be readily available within Perforce using your Intersystems Perforce user account.

These can be viewed, and used as templates for your own Routines or simply plagiarized wink


@Paul Cranston  - curious if you found anything that is helpful, and if not, what areas of automation within HS are you looking for?