James Severtsen · Oct 8, 2021

CCR Angular UI Group Details Page Now Live for Beta Testers

As of today, the Angular CCR Group Details page is now live for CCR UI Beta Testers. Beta testers will be directed to the Angular Group Details page upon any navigation which would have previously taken one to the CSP page. No existing functionality will be lost between the two pages.

We greatly appreciate all feedback and ask that any issues be reported in the standard support channels where we will do our best to address them. 

Many thanks to our CCR UI Beta Testers!  If you would like to join the beta tester program, you can enable the checkbox on your CCR user page here.

Other pages in Beta: Create CCR, Clone CCR, Peer Review Docs, Standard Changes

Pages coming soon: Merge

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great work JD!  thank you for making this available for beta testing :)