Daniel Lee · Mar 24, 2020

Cannot type password in Terminal

I just tried to log into our QA server and connect to Terminal (v 2013.1). 

I can type in my username but when I attempt to type my password, no characters are typed. When I press ENTER the password is invalid. 

I can connect to the management portal and the studio development environment without any problems.  Also, I do not have this problem when connecting to the terminal in our production environment (2010). 

Does anyone know what can cause this type of problem? 


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Hi Daniel,

The audit log would probably be a good place to look.

Daniel, if you try the audit log, turn on



events and try to login again.  If these don't give you the path forward, reach out to the WRC for help.  Remember to turn off these events when you're done, especially if you are on a busy system.