Mike Kadow · May 1, 2016

Cannot run Studio and Terminal for the same Instance

I am hoping some of you network guys have ideas. InterSystems seems to be at a standstill. When I startup Studio and try to start Terminal I get License Limit Exceeded. Starting with Terminal and going to Studio, same thing. It started when I put down a 2016 version of Cache on top of a 2015. InterSystems told me to uninstall everything and start fresh. I did that but have the same problems. What can I look at? How do I start to debug this? Although I am the only one on my PC it is really impacting my performance.

-thank you

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Hi Mike,

So, do you have a license installed? What does Management Portal tell you about the license?

If you only have  a single user license, make sure that both Terminal and Studio use the same IP address to connect to Cache. By default Terminal will connect using interprocess communication instead of TCP/IP, and Studio could use your external IP address, so the best way to make sure you use the same IP address is to define a new "remote" server with IP address of and use it for both Terminal and Studio.

Hope this helps



I don't have a license, I am using the TryCache installation.

I looked up License in the Management Portal and the License server shows

Host Name/IP Address of

You said to define and use a Remote Server,

can you get me started on how to do that?

thank you

Host Name/IP Address »

Sergei, I did set up a remote server.

I went through the remote server and connected to Studio.

But when I go through the remote server to connect to Terminal, the Terminal is greyed out and I am unable to connect.

You can enable auditing and audit of logins so that the login events can be examined.  Are they logging in as the same user?

The TryCache instance name indicates this is the single user version of Cache and will not allow a license to be installed.  What is the exact $ZV?

If you have a license that you would like to work with then download a full installation and add the license to that.

What was the issue number here at intersystem where you were not getting the help you needed.  I'll check that out and see if there is further I can ad.