Kathy Williams · May 26, 2021

Cannot delete an Instance of HealthShare

I need assistance to delete an instance of HealthShare that I am sure it way out of date.  From the VM Server Control Panel when I try to Uninstall, I get the error Message: "Error: Could not detect INSTANCE name!" 

Are there commands in SQL that may help uninstall the instance of the application?  Other Suggestions?  

Product version: HealthShare 2016.1
$ZV: 1.00.0000
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Hello Kathy,

This would be an installer/OS level issue so not something that SQL could help with. Do you still have the install kit and can you try to use that to uninstall? If you check the Windows event log do you see any errors from your first (or subsequent) uninstall attempts?

Can you check if there are any pending installation/uninstalls? Perhaps you could try restarting the server and then trying to uninstall?

Out of curiosity, have there been other instances installed/uninstalled on the same server?


There was an old instance of HealthShare that never loaded correctly.  I have rebooted the server and yes, there were other instances and now missing.   I am asking my team to reformat the VM server and start over.    

Thank you for your response!