· Sep 14, 2017

Can you build a report showing when all .INT files in a namespace were last executed?

So you have a namespace with thousands of .INT files and you want to identify routines that have not been executed in say the last 5 years. How would you do that without amending any existing software?

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I don't recall any default system recording of routine use, which means no audit of routine execution in previous years.

There is an audit of last routine save/compile in the ^ROUTINE(NameOfRoutine) global.

We manually added a routine use audit log through our user menu page. Obviously, this only captured usage from that point forward. You can also add a Cache Audit user event in your menu page to record info in the Cache Audit log.

I don't think there is a Cache Audit event for routine use logging but perhaps someone at InterSystems has added or has a workaround. See

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