Shanmugananda J... · Sep 2, 2019

Can we use HL7 messages to get info like CD34 and CD3 or Born Marrow Harvest status from Stem Cell system?


I am currently working with a "Stem Cell" supplier who do not have any/much Interface capability to push "Bone Marrow" harvest information. But willing to develop an HL7 feed/ WSDL capability.

It will be ideal, if I can get this via HL7 as much as possible and wondering if anyone has used HL7 to transmit bone marrow CD34, CD3 makers, product location and Harvest information? if so can you please advise which HL7 messages are ideal and some sample messages if possible please?

How about 

1.       R22 -Unsolicited Specimen Oriented Observation Message 
2.       R23 - Unsolicited Specimen Container Oriented Observation Message
3.       R24 - Unsolicited Order Oriented Observation Message

Please advise,

Kind Regards

Shan Janakan

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Sorry ,
I assume this is out of date meanwhile.