· Oct 2, 2018

Can I compile a class without using worker jobs?

Using our cool new debugging extension for Visual Studio Code I'm trying to debug a CreateProjection method of a class, but when I compile it the work apparently gets done in one of the worker jobs, so my breakpoint never triggers.

Is there a compiler flag or qualifier to force the compilation to be done in-process rather than getting handed off to a worker job?

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We made some announcements about this at Global Summit this week.  More information will be coming soon.

The next version of Serenji will provide code editing and debugging within Visual Studio Code.  Alongside this we will be releasing the next version of Deltanji which will provide file explorer and source control capabilities within Visual Studio Code.   We expect these to be available in about a month or so.


There was a short demo of what we have added to Visual Studio Code in one of the flash talks at the Global Summit.

The recording quality is not that good but this link takes you to the start of John Murray's talk where you can see a class being loaded into VS Code and then stepping through one of its methods with the debugger: