Jim Winski · Jan 23, 2019

Can I change the sort order in Ensemble file selection dialog? Is there an order?

In Ensemble, when I go to access a file, a File Selection Dialog window opens. Although subdirectories are listed in alpha order, the files are in no particular order (that I can tell). They are not in alpha, size, type, last modified, etc. See image below for an example.

Anyone know if there actually IS a sort order for files in the File Selection Dialog? If so, can it be changed? We have Ensemble running on multiple servers and I could have identical file paths with identical files in those directories and they can show up differently. That makes me think that there may be something that controls this.

This issue holds true from anyplace in Ensemble where I can select a file.

Obviously this is not a hot issue, but it's puzzling and I'd like to fix it if possible.


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File selection dialog sorts by file type (extension).

I agree that by Name would be better probably.