· Apr 9, 2017

Cache UnitTest Manager RunTest Error #5007

Hi All,

Am attempting to run sample unit tests as per

Caché %UnitTest Tutorial
Example: Executing a Test Using Set-Up and Tear Down Methods

 and getting an ERROR #5007:

The Terminal detail is as follows:

SAMPLES>Set ^UnitTestRoot="C:\UnitTests"                                        
SAMPLES>write ^UnitTestRoot
SAMPLES>do ##class(%UnitTest.Manager).RunTest("MyTests")
ERROR #5007: Directory name '/usr/cachesys/mgr/samples/C:/UnitTests/MyTests/' is invalid

The '/usr/cachesys/mgr/samples/' part is the correct path for the namespace 'SAMPLES' and the 'C:/UnitTests/MyTests/' part is the correct local path as specified by '^UnitTestRoot' + 'Child Directory = MyTests'. The file 'Tests.xml' resides within this path => ' C:/UnitTests/MyTests/Tests.xml' .

This is my first attempt at Unit Testing in Cache and as such would appreciate any advice that can put me on the right track as to what I may of either missed or not understand in this process.

Please advise if and what other information I should supply.



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