Mike Kadow · Apr 9, 2018

Cache Studio - Find in Files does not work, returns nothing

Hi All,

I don't know if I am doing something wrong or maybe a setting is off.

But while in Cache Studio, under the Edit menu, when I use "Find in Files . . ." nothing is returned, regardless of what I am trying to find.


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It happened to me too, I restarted Studio and resolved.

Robert, I did as you said, I even restarted Studio, and still not output.

  • select target namespace (e.g. SAMPLES)
  • Find in files 
  • Find What:   (e.g. person)
  • file type (e.g. *.cls )
  • uncheck all boxes
  • forget all filters
  • eventually check  Search in System Items
  • (Match case is a source of surprises )
  • (Match whole word only is fair chance to see nothing)
  • FIND and be patient to see the full result

I upgraded my instance to 2017.2.

Still, I get nothing from Find In Files

I guess it is time to contact the Support Center.

Hey all, stupid mistake of the day or week

I did not have my output window open!

Word to the wise.

Thank you Robert for your help, you deserve a raise.

Check if Output Frame is open.
IF it resists to appear.

  • goto fullscreen mode
  • click to View / Output  (ALT+2)

If still invisible:

  • move the mouse pointer slowly up from the down border to catch the top border of the output frame
  • pull it up to make is visible.