cache program to compare two files


how? have any code snippet?

Vitaliy's answer pointed you to a classmethod that does the job. Sounds like maybe you're not sure how to invoke classmethods in Caché ObjectScript, so here's a transcript from a quick test run I did in Terminal:

USER>set bSame=##class(%Library.File).Compare("c:\s\junk.txt","c:\s\junk2.txt")
USER>write bSame
USER>set bSame=##class(%Library.File).Compare("c:\s\junk.txt","c:\s\junk.txt")
USER>write bSame
USER>w $zv
Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.1.1 (Build 111U) Wed May 17 2017 15:34:56 EDT

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