· May 11, 2021

Cache license limit exceeded issue

Hi Team, 

      A month ago, we purchased the cache license for a 10user limitation. We are a 6developers and using 3different development (internal)servers for this same license. All Developers aren't login at the same time. We have a limitation for login 2developers at a time in a server. But sometimes, we are facing a <LICENSE LIMIT EXCEEDED> issue.   We don't know why we are facing this one.  So anyone please guide me, why we are getting this type of issue. I have attached the errored screenshot.




Ponnumani G  

Product version: HealthShare 2017.2
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Do you use CSP pages or REST (through portal or other applications) ? It uses a grace period that can hold a license slot longer than the actual login time.

You can look at the license usage in the Management Portal :
- Click on View System Dashboard, in Licensing tab :

You can click on Current License Use, and click on the bottom of the page on 'Click here for more details' to go to the License Usage page (also accessible via System Operation -> License Usage)

You can view the same figures in terminal by using Do $system.License.ShowSummary()
(Look at Do $system.License.Help() for other methods to show license stats.

I agree that Danny's suggestion to review where your licenses are being used is a good starting point.

Since you mention using this license across multiple servers, I would consider the different ways your developers are connecting to Caché. If a developer has Studio, the management portal, and a terminal session open, they are probably using more than 1 license. Even with a limit of 2 developers per server, if 6 developers are on the 3 servers connecting multiple ways, you could surpass a 10 user limit.

You may need a more robust license to support your team's usage patterns.