Gary Holt · Jul 6, 2020

Cache db performance on windows, linux, aix

Hi, we are in the process of looking to refresh our ensemble/cache environments. Currently we are using windows iis web servers with aix database servers, has any one compared cache running under windows,linux or aix ?

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My personal opinion:
WIN* is a nice Desktop OS good for mom and aunt Betty.  With an incredible paranoic approach. 
In post VMS times all *X (LinuX,AIX, OS X, Solaris(rip+), ***UNIX, ....)  are real server OS systems by nature.

In OS X, X is just a version 10, which in fact already replacing by 11 this year (after many years), and it's not just OS X, it's macOS.

And anyway, I would not recommend macOS for a production server, it's only suitable and supported for development.

Supported Server Platforms

You won the extra points !  yes 
It's good to know someone is reading your comments.


You can get good performance on any platform.  The real keys to performance are how you specify and configure the hardware and software for the kind of workload you will run.  I share Robert Cemper's preference for Linux or UNIX, but a good Windows administrator can make a Windows server run very well.

Have you been in contact with your InterSystems account team?  They can be a good source of information in the context of what your application needs are.