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在Aix7.1上安装使用root用户安装cache2016.1.1.107,且在安装过程中创建cacheusr用户;更改操作系统上的cacheusr的umask后,通过数据库修改编译后的文件(如,js,csp等)在小机上查看权限不变(-rwxrw-r--  cacheusr cacheusr test.js)。


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Please describe how you create nfs fold and how to mount to AIX in detail.

also, after studio compile, how these file permission changed.

And Create WRC problem for it.

I will handle that.

Thanks and regards,

Cheng Cheng





While I don't know the answer, I simple wanted to add a rough Google translation, hoping that this may be of help in getting some suggestions:


Mounted on Aix7.1 root user to install cache2016.1.1.107, and create cacheusr users during the installation process; after the change umask cacheusr the operating system, modify the file compiled by the database (eg, js, csp, etc.) on the small plane permission to view unchanged (-rwxrw-r-- cacheusr cacheusr test.js).

Objective: readable and writable by other users database compiled files.