Bharath Nunepalli · Aug 20, 2019

Caché database monitoring scripts on Windows

I'm a DBA and support Caché databases on AIX. I coded shell scripts for monitoring journaling status, databases size, license end date.

We recently got a new instance of Caché on Windows. I'm just curious to know whether anyone coded database monitoring scripts on Windows using PowerShell or any other scripting language.

If yes, please share the details.


Thanks & Regards,

Bharath Nunepalli.

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We coded all the journal and data file monitoring in Cache itself and just had simple checks on the running status and alerts.log externally, keeps it fairly platform independent.

On windows we used vbscript to check service status and log contents.


Thanks for the response.

Main reason for coding the scripts in Shell was that we want them to run even when Caché instance is down.

When you say in Caché itself, do you mean like a task in Task Manager?

Also, how did you schedule the vbscript scripts?

Yes, when Cache was up we had a class that would run in Cache Task Manager which would alert on issues and also log metrics.

In Windows we had a script that ran in Scheduled Tasks which would alert if the Cache status was invalid (i.e. not "running" or "down") using "ccontrol list nodisplay > outputfile" or if alerts.log existed.