Bussiness Process rule to filter out messages when they include a specific segment‽

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I am trying to create a rule which filters out ADT_A08 messages, when they have an OBX segment and their EVN.4 is "COD" or EVN.4 is "FIN"

The attempt is:

I have sent messages with EVN.4 COD or FIN and they are filtered out correctly

However if I remove EVN.4 and leave just the OBX filled up, the message passes from the Process to the Operation.

How could we express that if the message has OBX, we want it to be filtered out

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The OBX segment is probably defined as repeating, so:

Should work.

Hello Jeffrey Drumm,

The OBX is defined as:

And I have used your suggestion:

However messages with OBX still going to the Operation without being filtered in the Process. They are only being filtered if we write COD or FIN inside the EVN.4, but it does not take into consideration if there are OBX, or not.

The fact that the DB1 and OBX segments are shown in the color black is an indicator that your HL7 schema does not match the message's actual structure. Unless you correct that in the schema (which may require creating a custom schema) you won't be able to reference the OBX (or DB1) segments in your routing rule using the standard conventions.