Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 23, 2018

Black Friday 2018 on InterSystems Global Masters

Hi Community!

It's started! Home sale of the year!

This weekend, November 23-25, is a Black Friday Deals weekend on InterSystems Global Masters Advocate Hub!

Only 3 days left! Hurry to visit Rewards Catalogue to redeem your prize with 50% OFF!

Note: Some of the rewards are limited...

Skip the lines this year and get the items you want here on Global Masters! 

Wish you great deals on Black Fridayyes

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The rewards seem to be almost sold out after an hour.

Can we add some new ones in the future?

How about Raspberry PI board? Arduino board?

Or something based on x86. While InterSystems does not work on ARM.

That would be a lot of points.

Said the one who has the highest number of points. I think it should not be too much expensive, and it will be a good goal for some participants.

To join Global Masters leave a comment to the post and we'll send the invite.