· Mar 24, 2017

Best practices of using 3rd party modules in Caché

Hi, Community!

Would you please share your best practices for utilising 3rd party modules (say community solutions, frameworks, development tools/utils).

There are two approaches which I like:

1. New namespace for every new module

So, if you install something you install it in special separate namespace/database. MDX2JSON/DeepSeeWeb case.

If the package is intended to be used in other namespaces, map the packages to %All and have it available in all the namespaces in this Caché/Ensemble.

And there is one more benefit: it is easy to uninstall the module, just delete the namespace/database.

2. Install everything 'unknown/dangerous' in some 'garbage' namespace

 I use USER namespace for this purpose. E.g. it is my number one choice for importing installers for 3rd party modules if any.

What is your best practice for this case? Please share?

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