Otto Medin · Nov 1, 2016 1m read

Bachelor thesis: Automated quality rating of emergency calls using NLP

A group of students at the Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden) tried different approaches to automatically rating the quality of emergency calls, including iKnow.

Excerpt: "The most impressive results produced by iKnow is its ability to correctly classify 100% of the calls using the Average algorithm. This is quite surprising since iKnow only compares low-level concepts, how words relates to each other."

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A bit of a long read, but very nice illustration of how iKnow's bottom up approach allows you to work with the full concepts as coined by the author rather than a top-down approach relying on predefined lists of terms. If this is only their bachelor thesis, I'm looking forward to see their master thesis :-)

Thanks for sharing Otto!