Neerav Adam Verma · Jan 4, 2019

AWS SES (Simple Email Service)

I am just curious if someone has used this service to send Alert emails through AWS / Ensemble

I have verified 2 email ids - One to send. One to receive

Have also configured an access key for the email smtp server and added the credential to ensemble

but I get this error

ERROR #6033: Error response to SMTP MAIL FROM: 530 Authentication required.


So my first opinion is the authentication is not happening via the credentials settings. It needs to be passed in a different way

If anyone has done it before. Do let me know

It's Ok I figured it out.

I am keeping the post in case someone else needs help

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What was the issue? Share the code )

There is no code. Only Settings

1. Port needs to be 465

Need to add a TLS/SSL setting to the system admin and use that in the setting of the operation

2. Need to generate smtp credentials on AWS and that needs to be set in ensemble and used

3.  Need to verify the emails that is sending and receiving.

Good catch.  SES credentials are not the same as IAM credentials and have to be set up separately.  But once you get SES set up and properly authorized, I've found it very capable and, well, simple!

If you have SSL config named, say, "AWS" try to set SMTP SSLConfiguration setting to "AWS*" (with asterisk on end). It can help.