· Sep 26, 2016

Automatic removal of system methods from codebase

As we've all heard 2016.2 draws near and brings the removal of system methods with it.

There are two ways to make the code compatible with 2016.2:

  • Replace system methods with new methods
  • Replace system methods with macros

From the point of automatic conversion the options above can be expressed like this:

  • Replace .$<lowercase letter> with .%<uppercase letter>
  • Replace .$ with .$$$

Both of these options are more then achievable with Regexp, but before I write my own system methods remover, I thought if maybe someone had already done it and can share the code?

Currently I see the tool working like this:

  1. Receive class list from user
  2. Resolve it (do we have a method for this?)
  3. For each class
    • Get class text
    • Do Regexp replace as described above
  4. Compile class list

Any other ideas?

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