· Aug 26, 2016

Automated testing of Ensemble productions

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to create integration tests using the Cache unit test framework in order to test an Ensemble production?

For example, what would be the best way to create automated tests for a BPL that calls multiple business operations (SQL, WebService ...)?

Should we create some kind of mock service/operation to simulate the response from the business operations ? 

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Thanks Derek. I've been through the tutorial already but it shows how to test HL7 Routing rules + DTL or business operations that are not connected to an external system. 

I'd like to be able to test a BPL that do sync and async calls to a downstream system I don't have access to. So in order to test the BPL, I'll need to simulate some responses from the business operation. So I'll probably need to create some kind of mock service/operation maybe using a second production...