Authentication problems in new TRYCACHE installation

New Windows 10 Cache [ TRYCACHE] successfully installed - but unable to log onto the Management Portal . What "User Name" and "Password" are being asked for? No opportunity to specify the sources. Thanks.

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User =_SYSTEM  PW=sys   or SYS   it varies

Unfortunately, "User =_SYSTEM  PW=sys   or SYS   it varies" didn't work - is that for Operating-system-based? I think my authentication type is Cache login. Thank you in any case.

If none of those above solutions work, it might be possible to use emergency login into the system. Then setup your own username and password in the management portal once in. 

1. Stop cache instance. 

2. Open windows cmd as "Run as administrator".

3. Browse to the bin directory inside the directory where you installed cache.

4. use the command 

ccontrol start <instance> /EmergencyId=<username>,<password>

Where instance is the name of your Caché instance, and type any username and password.


ccontrol start MyCache /EmergencyId=Eugenia,52601

Try to login using that and then setup a username and password and then restart Caché to login via the newly setup username and password. You can read more under "Emergency Access" here:

Cache is now reinstalled and operational. The reported problem was caused by missing the opportunity to specify the passwords during the first installation. Thank you to all who offered help.