· Nov 9, 2016

audit login failures, how to trace?

Thanks for all replies in advance.  In monitoring our audit log we are getting the error below.  We have 4 different servers running CACHE  2014.1.1 and this is happening on all 4 of them.  I have not been able to find what process is trying to logon but it is happening every 30 minutes.  We have no user processes that are running so this has to be a CACHE process.  Does anyone have an Ideal what could be running to cause this?  What kind of trace can I run to determine what process is running it?

22016-11-09 15:17:15.997%System%LoginLoginFailure7748  

%Service_SuperServer login failure

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This means that the SuperServer spawned a child job to handle incoming connections (this is what happens when any incoming connection comes to the SuperServer). After this child job starts up, it tried to read the connection information from the client, but the message wasn't there. This could be caused either by a slow network or by something that's simply attempting to connect to the SuperServer but not actually making a real connection (possibly testing that port). I would take a look at that IP address ( to see what that is. My best guess is it's some sort of monitoring software if all 4 servers report the same IP address in their errors.