· Apr 20, 2018

Atelier with multiple edge servers and multiple developers

We have multiple developer, multiple edge servers environment. And we are planning to move to Atelier from Studio.  I was wondering if someone have suggestions about the followings. 

  • Should we install Atelier on each server and the developers should edit code on each server instance directly. 
  • Or each developer should get Atelier on their local machine and map each server instance separately. 
  • What if we have multiple namespaces on a single server and each namespace is a facility of its own. 
    • Now if a developer wants to modify a facility specific code,
      • Should s/he map each namespace from the server to local machine. 
      • Should we map different workspace for each namespace on server instance of eclipse. 

I am sorry to club lots of question in one post but if someone can recommend us these it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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We might have some developers on the Community using HealthShare who can give you tips here. But I think that the best way to move forward, since these are reasonably broad questions, will be to reach out to your InterSystems Sales team or Support. The answers to many of your questions will probably be better with more information about your current development process and Sales/Support can discuss the specifics with you.

Sounds like you already have server-side source control (CCR) similar to the Deltanji product from my employer George James Software. In that case, your simplest option is to get your Atelier users to connect to the server instances in the same way as they currently do with Studio.  There's no need to change your code management paradigm (and thus your source control system) as well as your editor.

I recommend you go through that Global Summit session Ben Spead referenced in his earlier comment.


If you are using CCR then there are very specific  requirements in terms of development workflow which will provide assurances of no source loss, etc.  Please open a ticket with Support to discuss these specific concerns and considerations.

In summary, there can only be a single Disconnected BASE environments for each System, because the CCR Client Tools manage source concurrency within the Namespace, and if you have multiple BASE namespaces you have lost concurrency and therefore can lose source.  Atelier will work the same as Studio - you need a single Shared Dev Namespace using the CCR Client Tools (aka server-side source hooks) and at that point you can use either Atelier or Studio to edit the source in BASE.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Server-side hooks will only work properly with Atelier if you are running a database version that includes CDS2924.  This is included in 2016.2.3+, 2017.1.2+ and 2017.2.0+ only.  If you are not sure if you have CDS2924 or not, please contact Support (if you use Atelier against a Shared Dev instance that doesn't have CDS2924 you don't have concurrency and therefore can lose source).

Hope that helps to get you started in the right direction :)