· Jun 4, 2018

Atelier Hardware Requirements?

I was wondering what the recommended system specifications are for running Atelier.

The product link doesn't mention hardware requirements, and it would help to know this to see if any performance issues faced are due to underwhelming hardware or product issues.

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As Atelier is an Eclipse plug-in, you really need to look at it from that perspective. And given that it's really Eclipse that we're talking about, there are so many useful plug-ins for Eclipse (never mind the multiple distributions it's available supplied as) that it's not an easy answer.

I/O performance trumps CPU speed, though, so you'll get the best results with a SSD. I'd say a minimum of a dual-core CPU manufactured within the last 8 years and 4-8 GB of RAM will work satisfactorily unless you're a demon coder. I run Atelier in the JavaScript-HTML distribution of Eclipse on a dual-core-emulated, Windows 7 64bit VM under VMWare 14 on a 32GB ThinkPad T460p (quad-core, 8 threads, 2.7GHz, 2TB SSD), and am usually running 3-4 VMs at a time. Performance seems fine, but I'm not head-down pounding out ObjectScript all day long ...

I'm currently trying to get Eclipse to install on a ThinkPad T420 running Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop to see what it's like but have yet to succeed in getting it to run. I think 18.04 may not be quite ripe enough yet ;)