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Atelier - Debugging - Attach to the process

Hi Community,

I would like to share with you my experience regarding  to debugging via Atelier.

I'm developing a REST API and would like to attach to a process when I call the API via a REST Client tool, for example Postman. The purpose is to inspect values from HEADER and BODY of the HTTP request during the debugging process.

Come on! How am I doing? I am going to demonstrate that by using a class from SAMPLES namespace.

1 - Open Atelier;

2 - Open your REST Service class;

3 - Go to the method related to the URI that you need to debug;

4 - Add a HANG (I suggest between 10 and 15 seconds) enough for you to be able to attach to the Caché / Ensemble process; See the image bellow:



5 - Change the view to the DEBUG view;

6 - Go to Run->Debug Configurations->Application Atelier Attach; 

7 - Right click on "Application Atelier Attach" and click on New to configure your server process list; 


8 - Configure you server Caché/Ensemble/Intersystems IRIS process list;

9 - Click on Apply;



10 - Switch to you REST client tool;

11 - When you call you REST Api it will HANGS the process durint the amount of seconds you have coded previouslly; 




12 - At this time, you will need to switch back to Atelier;

13 - On Atelier, click on Run->Debug Configuration->Application Atelier Attach and select your server list process that you have setup;

14 -Click on Applyand close this window;


Alternatively you can use a small button as a shortcut:


At this pint you will be able to debug and inspect your code as needed.


Please, feel free to share you experience as well as add your comments.

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