Paul Reesman · Jun 7, 2016

Atelier bracket problem

We have noticed that when compiling with Atelier (either Atelier itself or sending the code through the REST interface) that the build will fail if all brackets '() {} []' are not closed. This includes brackets opened in comments.


For example, this will fail:

class myclass


//if someVar {



I do not know if this issue has been fixed or if this issue has been brought up, but it has been a nuisance over here.

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The class you listed fails for me too, but it's because there's no package name, not because of the bracket mismatch. In Atelier, the class name gets an error marker:

If I change it to:

class somepackage.myclass {
//if someVar {

Then the file will happily sync and compile.

If adding the package doesn't fix things, it would be helpful to know what Atelier and Caché versions you're using.

I agree with Tim, and it's also worth checking the Problems view to see what's going on.

- Joyce

Tim is right, all classes require a package name. The clue is in the fact that myclass is underlined and colored in Red. In future versions of Atelier will be implementing 'code hints' and 'smart fixes' which will be able to help you resolve these sorts of problems quickly. Thank you!