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I get the following after attempting to update from Atelier 1.2.117 on Photon 4.8 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6:

Atelier 1.3.139 update errors

Is anyone else experiencing these errors?

Hi Anthony,

This is not expected behavior and might point to your environment configuration. I recommend you contact the WRC so the team can dig into the details with you.

When I go to the stable update site for 1.3, I can see that the proper version is available. You can see this yourself by pasting the update site URL in your browser.

Hope this helps!

Hello José,

Would it be possible to provide further details on how you encountered this issue?  What platform you are on, what Atelier version you upgraded from, confirm Eclipse version, how you upgraded?  Any additional details are great appreciated.


Hello Joan-marie,

    i'm working over windows10, my atelier version is 1.3.117 with eclipse photon 4.8.0

and i'm get the error when i try to update to the new version of atelier

Anthony and José - The Atelier team has not been able to reproduce this, and many users have successfully upgraded to version 1.3.139. So it looks like this must be something specific to your environments. For help diving into what is going wrong on your systems, I would suggest contacting InterSystems Support (by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700).

José filed a WRC case to look into this. José found that reinstalling everything, including Eclipse, resolved this problem. He and the Support advisor were not able to determine the root cause of this behavior before the reinstall, when the errors disappeared.

I managed to install the update by uninstalling and reinstalling the Atelier plug-in:

  1. Close the Atelier perspective (see notes below)
  2. Navigate to the Eclipse Marketplace Installed tab, Help > Eclipse Marketplace > Installed
  3. Scroll to the InterSystems Atelier plugin and click on the Uninstall button
  4. Click on the Restart Now button
  5. Navigate to the Eclipse Marketplace; Help > Eclipse Marketplace
  6. Enter "atelier" in the Find text box and either press the Enter key or click on the Go button
  7. Click on the InterSystems Atelier plug-in Install button
  8. Accept the terms of the license agreements and click on the Finish button 
  9. Click on the Restart Now button


  • I noticed multiple ghost <Atelier> perspectives, the label Atelier surrounded by < and >.
  • Unconfirmed, but could they be the root cause of the automated update failing?
  • Closing the Atelier perspective before uninstalling the Atelier plug-in seems to eliminate this side effect.
  • I deleted the ghost <perspectives> by doing the following (this is macos): 
  1. Eclipse > Preferences > General > Perspectives
  2. Select the ghost <Atelier> perspective
  3. Click on the Delete button
  4. Repeat if necessary

Hi Anthony - Thanks for the update, and the explanation of how you cleaned up your Eclipse perspectives. There were major, internal changes that occurred after Atelier 1.1, which can leave some of the Atelier 1.1 plugin features in this state after an upgrade. You can also clean the stale workbench data in Eclipse using the method described in the DC post here.


I'm finding that Atelier often maxes out CPU and become unresponsive whilst performing the background "Updating server container" operation.

In the end, I have to kill of the eclipse process in task manager.

Is this a known issue?

Win 10 x64
Version: Photon Release (4.8.0)
Build id: 20180619-1200

Atelier 1.3.139


Hi Steve,

Thanks much for reporting this issue.  Would you please contact InterSystems Support (by emailing support@intersystems.com or calling +1 617-621-0700) so we can further investigate the issue and resolve it?