Evgeny Shvarov · Mar 16, 2017

Articles' Views Analytics

Hi, Community!

I hope you know the option to use DeepSee analytics portal for Developer Community stats. You can find it in Community-Analytics menu.

Let me introduce the beta of new analytical dashboard 'Articles' Views', which is available in Authors folder.

It consists of two dashboards, first shows the running total of the views for the articles (to see the impressive growing curve).

The second shows the daily additions in unique views (to analyze the dates of spikes).

Use the filters of Author, Article name, Publishing year and year timescale of analysis.

E.g. here is the screenshot for Murray Oldfield's 3 articles:

0 243
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It would be great to show articles only for particular Author in Article dropdown list once the Author is chosen.

We've fixed the link, now it should show your articles stats. 

Evgeny, I'm not clear what got fixed. The change Alexander requested isn't yet present:

After setting myself in the Author field the Articles list still contains ones I didn't write.

There was another problem with the link to a dashboard itself which was fixed.

The issue you and Alexander provided  is the fair request for the improvement it and it would be introduced as soon as possible.

This is fixed with the recent Analytics update.