· Feb 19, 2018

Approaches to bash scripting (passing variables from OS to Caché)

Let's say I want to execute  this cache script (saved as test.txt) from OS terminal:

zn "USER"
write 1
zn "%SYS"
write 2

Executing the following command in a terminal:

csession cache < test.txt

Would yield this output:

$ csession cache < script.txt

Node: gitlab-test, Instance: CACHE



Job succeeded

Is there a better way to run these scripts?

Currently I have two problems:

  1. I have several variables defined in my bash script, what's the best approach to pass them into Caché? 
  2. I can't capture script input (for example write 1)


As for 1 there are two solutions I found:

  1. Generate test.txt dynamically from bash. That way I can just hardcode variables, but I don't really like this approach because writing a script that generates another script and executes it is non-trivial, also parent script is hard to read.
  2. Use  $system.Util.GetEnviron("EnvVar") to get variables from Cache side. It works, but maybe there are  other, better approaches?

No ideas so far for 2 though.

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you can generate script right before call csession, but you don't need to save it to file.

echo -e "Write \"CurrentPath = ${PWD}\"\n" \
        "Write \"CurrentShell = ${SHELL}\"\n" \
        "halt\n" \
| csession cache -U%SYS

Or if you already have some script file as a template, you can use command envsubst (maybe you have to install it), which will replace these variables with real values.

envsubst text.txt | csession cache -U%SYS