Anyway to Create Multiple transactions using an Ensemble transformation

I have a transformation that the incoming schema is an XML file and I will need to write multiple HL7 transactions.  Is there anyway to do this? 

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Please, have a look the following links:

Ensemble XML Virtual Document Development Guide

Loading XML Schemas into Ensemble

Using File Adapters with Ensemble


Once you have the content of the file, you will be able to make the necessary transformations in HL7 to make the outbonding operation to out the content.


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Francisco López

The problem is not transforming the XML to HL7 the issue I need to write multiple HL7 records from the one XML file.  So there is a repeating Encounter Container that I need to write a HL7 transaction (MSH, PID, PV1) for each Encounter - just wondering is there anything within the transformation that can trigger multiple writes of transactions for 1 record read.

Yes, you can loop through items in your source document and generate one HL7 message for each. 

In this case the looping would be done in a business process (BPL), and you would call the transformation once for each outbound HL7 message.


If each Encounter element in the document contains all of the data necessary to create your individual HL7 messages, you could potentially use the EnsLib.XML.Object.Service.FileService (or FTPService) class for a Business Service that will "chunk" the document into individual Encounter documents. Those would then be mapped to HL7 via a routing rule and DTL ... no BPL required. You'll need to create an Encounter class that matches the Encounter element structure; this will be used subsequently for creating routing rules and DTLs.