· Jun 15, 2021

Any interesting apps on Raspberry Pi with IRIS?

We just install IRIS on Raspberry PI, anyone who developed any interesting app based on it? Thx! 

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Glad to hear that you have your IRIS on Raspberry Pi. Before I send you some suggestions can you give me a bit of background on what aspects of IRIS you are most interested in ? I take it you have access to the Open Exchange and secondly how much experience do you have with ITIS or Ensemble? 

In the meantime here are some suggestions: (ZPM is the most useful tool for installing Open Exchange Applications This will show you a list of OEX apps that are zpm ready

Are you using Cache Studio or V S Code and do you use Git. If you use V S Code then there are a number of Objectscript Extensions available and they are all useful  There is going to be a lot of Python apps apppearing on OEX now that we have a version with Python fully integrated into IRIS (first implementation of Native Python within IRIS

Python opens the gateway to more adventurous use of ML, NLP, and AI and there are a number of ML nd I example (with or without Python)'

Some useful information on Python at

DBeaver is an excellent Databse Viewer/Creator with native support for IRIS JDBC and its free

That should get you started.

Please let  me know how you get on with these and if there is anything more I can help you with just message me


I have one prepared but not found the time yet. My plan is to measure the electricity use of my house continuously, do analysis on when I have a surplus of energy of my solar panels, and then switch certain devices based on that. My dishwasher, pool pump and heat pump are all connected. Currently I can do net metering for electricity but that will change in the near future. Better to use it myself if they don't want to pay a decent price for it ;-) The Pi is perfect for that kind of home automation.

That sounds really cool. I have a friend who had a house in Cape Town and he had installed Solar Panels, water collection systems,  and everything in his house from his music system, alarm system, gates, garage doors, lights, curtains, fridge were all controlled through an app on his phone. His solar panels and storage cells effectively covered all of his electricity needs and his electricity meter for City Power cost about R5 a month

Take a look at QEWD.js - it works extremely well (and fast!) with IRIS on the Raspberry Pi, and you'll be able to build REST APIs and interactive apps using it.  See:

but also look at the QEWD-related postings I've put in here on Open Exchange:

Something that isn't, I think, widely known/realised is that if you install a 64-bit version of Linux on a Raspberry Pi (eg Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit for ARM), and then, if you have an M1 Apple Mac, install Parallels on it and install a Ubuntu 20.04 VM, the two environments (Raspberry Pi and M1 Mac VM) are functionally identical.  Literally you can move the exact same code from the M1 Mac VM to the Raspberry Pi and it will work.  Make it all even simpler by then installing Docker on both the Raspberry Pi and the M1 Mac VM, and a container built on one will, again, work identically on the other.

The only difference, of course, is the massively faster speed of execution you'll get on the M1 Mac (and the huge difference in cost!).  

I've had a lot of fun with the various QEWD-related Docker containers I've created: there's something quite magical about watching a container built on the M1 Mac working, without any change, on a Raspberry Pi!  It's what, IMO, makes ARM-64 a very interesting platform for the future