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Bob Kuszewski · Apr 30

Announcing SAM (System Alerting & Monitoring) 1.1

InterSystems is pleased to announce the release System Alerting & Monitoring (SAM) version 1.1.

What is SAM?

SAM marries IRIS’s standards-based Monitoring API and Log Monitor with familiar industry standard tools like Grafana and Prometheus to create a basic monitoring and alerting solution for IRIS clusters.

For more on SAM, see the System Alerting and Monitoring Guide.


What’s new in SAM 1.1?

You’ll notice performance improvements for the Grafana dashboard graphs, especially when working with large data sets.  If you’re upgrading from SAM 1.0, you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient disk space available, as SAM 1.1 adds additional indexes to the data.

See the release notes for more information on upgrading to SAM 1.1.


SAM Home screen

SAM Instance Detail Page

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Attempting to get this to run on RHEL8 w/ podman-compose instead of docker.

Updated and generally everything starts up ok but nginx can’t seem to reach the iris instance. Think it’s a difference in how the ports get exposed. Only spent a few minutes on it but if anyone is aware, just probing to see if someone else has already solved. 

I was able to get it going...

Only real difference was the addition of 

      - --check-caps false

For the iris service (probably should be added to the default release per Using InterSystems IRIS containers with Docker 20.10.14+ | InterSystem )

Then adjusting's final line to look like this:

# old line: docker-compose -p sam up -d
podman-compose -p sam up -d

podman-compose -p sam down

(Alternatively, could alias docker-compose podman-compose)

I can get into SAM now and add a cluster but for some reason it's not able to talk to it (no URL prefix or authentication involved but is going through a Web Gateway and SAM doesn't seem to allow specifying HTTPS instead of HTTP but maybe it does it in the background.

Are there plans to support URL prefix and authenticated endpoints? Having an unauthenticated endpoint is a bit of a no-no around here and to get around the URL Prefix thing with some of my instances, I'll have to start up the private web server just for SAM which is also not desired.