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AnalyzeThis – Quickly learn the power of InterSystems BI (now supports Classes as Data Source)

AnalyzeThis is a tool for getting a personalized preview of your own data inside of InterSystems BI. This allows you to get first hand experience with InterSystems BI and understand the power and value it can bring to your organization. In addition to getting a personalized preview of InterSystems BI through an import of a CSV file with your data, Classes and SQL Queries are now supported as Data Sources in v1.1.0!

At the 2018 Global Summit, AnalyzeThis(link to original DC article) was announced and released to InterSystems Open Exchange. Version 1.1.0 is now available through InterSystems Open Exchange. This release adds both Classes and SQL Queries as supported Data Sources. This allows you to install AnalyzeThis into an existing namespace and quickly select an existing class to start understanding the insights that InterSystems BI can bring to your organization.

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Hi Peter!

It's really a great app, I'm using every week to quickly analyze CSVs and make reports.

The question: suppose I built a cube, pivots, and dashboards against the particular CSV file. And then I'm getting the new csv with the same format but different data.

What is my approach to using the data from CSV with what I already built for CSV and to avoid building everything from scratch?

Hi @Evgeny Shvarov

AnalyzeThis.Utils.cls has a method called RefreshCube.

At one point, this was briefly in then UI. We took out the UI reference since we weren't (and still aren't) sure how this should fit into AnalyzeThis. Historically the goal was to be able to quickly get a personalized preview of DeepSee. It was not intended to be an automatic cube generator. The goal was to let people see the benefit of DeepSee, but then allow them to create their own cube and no longer rely on the generated cube from AnalyzeThis. However, I do know of multiple cases where people are using it as you explain in this case and would like to refresh the data once a new CSV has been produced with updated data.

Please let me know your thoughts on the Pros vs Cons of using the AnalyzeThis generated cube VS using your own cube once you have a model you like and would like to continue using.

Hi Peter!
Thanks for the answer.

I don't see any Cons.

Speaking about Pros: I do have a monthly updated CSV with the same format but with different data. I used Analizethis to build a cube and I added some extra pivots and dashboards by myself and next month I don't want to repeat all the work (I really spend a good hour on building new pivots and dashboards) but just want to run all the pivots and dashboards against new data.

So, if you have a regular weekly or monthly CSV you can successfully use Analyzethis to build a cube quickly and then just rerun everything for new data without any manual work.

Only Pros here. 
If you could add UI and programmatic way to reload or append the data for the cube (without changing it) would be just great.