Yuri Marx · Nov 25, 2020 1m read

Analyze your spent time programming

Hi Community,

I use an excellent service to collect time programming. Is the WakaTime:

This service integrate with main IDE tools, including VSCode and collect time spent by project, language, IDE and code stats at general. See my last 7 days:

These information help me to organize and balance my targets by project.

To use Waka signup the service: and into your VSCode, into extensions search waka, see:

Restart your VSCode and now input your api key, you can get your api key into

The free plan collect 7 days and you can donwload your stats to your hard disk. Great!

PS: Is OpenEdge ObjectScript language?

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Great tool to know about... thank you for sharing.

If you are looking for a tool that does something similar for your desktop, check out