Muhammad Waseem · Sep 16, 2021

%ALL namespace is not appearing in available namespace list


I have created %ALL namespace to map with two existing namespaces to use class globally but I am not able to select %ALL namespace as it is not appearing in the available namespace list. How to create objects in %ALL namespace?


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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I am selecting by clicking switch namespace option from management portal

That makes sense to me. As the docs explain, there is not really a "%ALL" namespace, it's more of an abstraction to represent a system-wide mapping.

Once you have set up a %ALL mapping, I would just directly try to verify that the functionality works as you expect. For example, make a AllMapping package and put your test code in there, then make an AllMapping package mapping for %ALL, then confirm that you can access that code in any namespace.

But how can I confirm while I am not able to access %ALL namespace?

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do exactly. Presumably, there are at least a few namespaces where you want to access this code. You could test a few namespaces (not the %ALL "namespace", real namespaces) to confirm that you can access the code you have %ALL mapped.


%ALL is best understood as a virtual NAMESPACE.
It is a mapping attribute that you add to your packages, classes, routine, globals to make them visible beyond the physical namespace that you can select in SMP.

To see its content in SMP select System > Configuration > Namespaces