· Apr 15, 2021

Adding a DR member to a mirror get "Missing Mirrored Databases Report"


I'm trying to add a DR async member to a mirror but when I add this member I get this messages in the mirror monitor (on the DR member):

The message im talking about is the "missing Mirrored Databases report".

The only step I did was the " System Administration -> Configuration -> Mirror Settings -> Join as Async" an fill the blanks. Maybe Im skipping a step? 

I dont get how to make this DBs start getting synchronized, the cconsole log dont show nothing 


Thanks a lot!!!

Product version: Ensemble 2016.1
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Hello Augusto,

Please check out the mirroring documentation, which is quite robust. After joining your async to the mirror you will need to sync the databases.

"Only a local database on the current primary failover member can be added to a mirror; it is added on the primary first, then on the backup, and then on any desired async members. All mirrored databases must be journaled.

You must add the same set of mirrored databases to both the primary and backup failover members, as well as to any DR async members; which mirrored databases you add to reporting async members depends on your reporting needs. "

Add an Existing Database to the Mirror

This documentation covers some ways of syncing a database from the primary to the other members.

Hope that helps!

Re: mirroring HSSYS (or other system / library databases), please make sure you review the documentation for the product you are using specifically. Documentation for older versions of HealthShare Information Exchange's documentation is not available online, but in recent versions HSSYS can and should be mirrored.

Example from HS 2018.1 docs:

Mirroring a New Information Exchange

"Now that you have created the mirror, you can mirror the databases. For a new installation, you only have to mirror one database, HSSYS. When you configure Information Exchange using the Installer Wizard (or an installer script), all of the databases that are created in that process will then be automatically mirrored."